Nanomaterial identifiers and structural representations

The following is a list of preferred nanomaterial identifiers to be used in datasets, publications, websites,… to allow quick retrieval of all information available for a specific material or group of materials (e.g. nanoform).

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European Registry of Materials

The European Registry of Materials (van Rijn et al., 2022) is a simple registry with the sole purpose to mint material identifiers to be used by research projects throughout the life cycle of their project. The identifier is nothing more than that identifier, and not by default linked to any information. Think of it as a pre-registration of the intention to study the material.

InChI for Nano or NInChI

NInChI (Lynch et al., 2020) is developed as an extension to the IUPAC International Chemical Identifier (InChI) as a computer-readable line representation of nanomaterials covering important properties to characterise a material and differentiate nanoforms. It will become part of the InChI universe and be establised as a standard identifier to be used in research, risk assessment and regulation.

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EC Joint Research Centre Nanomaterials Repository

The JRC hosts a repository of representative industrial nanomaterials (NM) including nanomaterials studied in the OECD testing programme and large research projects. Each type of material in the repository has been sourced as a large single batch which has been sub-sampled into individual vials to produce the first collection of thoroughly characterised nanomaterials available for benchmarking in research and regulatory studies.


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