Partner project WorldFAIR

In the WorldFAIR project, the Committee on Data of the International Science Council (CODATA) and the Research Data Alliance (RDA) work with a set of 11 disciplinary and cross-disciplinary case studies to advance implementation of the FAIR principles.

The project aims to join up disconnected initiatives on data management, data stewardship, and FAIR data practices, within and across disciplines and internationally and to co-design and harmonise interoperability frameworks and recommendations first for each case study and research domain and finally across disciplines.

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One of the case studies is testing the pilot operationalisation of the FAIR principles within the nanomaterials community; run conference sessions and workshops with stakeholders (including the InChI-for-nano domain experts, and international ‘nano’ database managers and their users) to apply, refine, implement, improve the metrics for FAIR nanosafety datasets; and develop an inventory of FAIR nanoinformatics models and their domains of applicability, underpinning datasets and APIs to support interoperability, including guidelines to further improve the interoperability of nanoinformatics models.

Introduction to WorldFAIR

WorldFAIR is a 2 years project funded by the European Commission within Horizon Europe (Grant Agreement 101058393; June 2022 - May 2024).