Partner project NanoCommons

NanoCommons delivers a sustainable and openly accessible nanoinformatics framework (knowledgebase and integrated computational tools, supported by expert advice, data interpretation and training), for assessment of the risks of NMs, their products and their formulations.

NanoCommons combines Joint Research Activities to implement the nanoinformatics Knowledge Commons, Networking Activities to facilitate engagement with the research community, industry and regulators, and provision of funded Access to the nanoinformatics tools via funded calls for Transnational Access.

NanoCommons – How can we help you?

Introduction to NanoCommons

Intro to NanoCommons by Martin Himly, PLUS (at the Jaqpot Hackathon) Online training tools for nanosafety assessment – NanoCommons for researchers and safety assessors in industry, academia and regulatory authorities.

NanoCommons was a 4.5 year infrastructure project funded by the European Commission within Horizon2020 (Grant Agreement 731075; Jan. 2018 - June 2022).