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Partner project MACRAMÉ

Advanced Characterisation Methodologies to assess and predict the Health and Environmental Risks of Advanced Materials

The MACRAMÉ R&I Approach aims to widen the development of harmonised test guidelines (TGs) and guidance documents (GDs) (OECD) and standards (CEN, ISO) to market-relevant Advanced Materials (AdMas) in their complex product matrices.

This will be achieved by defining the R&I Strategy through life-cycle assessment for five market-relevant industrial MACRAMÉ Use-Cases. Activities include a range of novel sample preparation techniques and ambitious quantitative detection and imaging methodologies that support reliable and reproducible determination of AdMas in different complex matrices (AdMa@CMs) and using inhalation as their main exposure route.

MACRAMÉ is a 3 year project funded by the European Commission within Horizon Europe (Grant Agreement 101092686; Dec. 2022 - Nov. 2025).