NanoHarmony Training and Webinars

This links in the NanoHarmony Training Material into the handbook and gives a list of recordings from NanoHarmony webinars.

The EU-funded project NanoHarmony developed in mid-2023 a Training Material for students and young researchers, scientists involved in research projects, which work towards development of standardised and harmonised test methods, supervisors of PhDs/PostDocs, coordinators of Horizon Europe projects and interested groups with little foreknowledge about the OECD and its respective processes. The set of slides provides a low-level entry into the topic of standards and harmonised OECD Test Guidelines and how science can contribute to this.

This training is part of the NanoHarmony Process Mentor providing guidance and understanding on developing OECD Test Guidelines (TGs) and Guidance Documents (GDs), including when and how to prepare for required activities, highlighting key start and finish dates of the development process, plus who to involve in which activities and when.

During its runtime, NanoHarmony gave a number of webinars and online trainings, which provide starting points for self-training or creating new trainings using the material above and using the Process Mentor.