Partner project CEINT NanoInformatics Knowledge Commons (NIKC)

The NIKC is a custom cyberinfrastructure consisting of a data repository and associated analytical tools developed to visualize and interrogate integrated datasets.

It is hosted by the Center for the Environmental Implications of NanoTechnology at Duke University. Data are curated describing:

  • Nanomaterials in terms of their intrinsic, extrinsic (system-dependent), and social (e.g. anticipated use scenarios, matrix, concentration in products) properties,
  • System characteristics (environmental, biological, laboratory, etc.)
  • Exposure and Hazard measurements, calculations, and estimates
  • Meta-data associated with each of these, including bibliometrics, protocols, equipment, temporal and spatial descriptors, etc.

The NIKC is designed to enable flexible analysis across integrated datasets to support the discovery of trends, hypotheses, and conclusions that would not have been possible without reusing data across multiple studies. Applications are built to sit on top of the database on draw on otherwise disparate datasets and data types to probe our driving research questions.

Introduction to the NIKC

The NIKC was supported by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and National Science Foundation.