Visualise your studies with instance maps

Instance maps enabling users to follow nanomaterial transformations while capturing necessary metadata.

Amos et al., in preparation 2022, © 2022 by the authors

Based on: The NanoFASE NIKC Curation Manual
© 2019 by Jaleesia Amos, Christine Ogilvie Hendren, Anastasios Papadiamantis, Marianne Matzke, Lee Walker, Claus Svendsen

They were first used as organisational structure in the data curation efforts for the NIKC database. The experimental data is sorted into five categories: instance, material, medium, property, and supplementary. Each of the five categories interlace coherently together to catalog the metadata describing the nanomaterial and the exposed medium.

An instance is defined as the nanomaterial in a medium at a specific moment in time. The material and medium category are used to describe the instance. A physical or chemical change to the nanomaterial that alters the chemical or biological properties of the medium is described as a new instance.

Instance Map Tool

NanoCommons is developing a tool specifically designed to create instance maps, extending the concept to also cover experimental procedures and linking (meta)data file directly to the maps.

The current state of these extensions are presented in this webinar including new applications to the development of standard operation procedures as well as potential use in regulatory settings, (nano)materials modelling and nanomaterial productions.