European Registry of Materials

The European Registry of Materials is a simple registry with the sole purpose to mint material identifiers to be used by research projects throughout the life cycle of their project. The identifier is nothing more than that identifier, and not by default linked to any information. Think of it as a pre-registration of the intention to study the material.

More information is provided in this README.

How to register new materials

The process to register new materials is described in this document and J. van Rijn et al..

How to use the identifier

The identifier is supposed to be use in all written material. The identfier will be a simple identifier starting with “ERM”. It is recommended to use the identifier in the Compact Identifier form ( entry)

Use in semantic web solutions

For use in semantic web approaches, an equivalent IRI version is available with prefixes the short identifier with “”.

Registered materials


This registry is supported by NanoCommons. NanoCommons has received funding from European Union Horizon 2020 Programme (H2020) under grant agreement nº 731032.