Overview of open datasets released by NanoSafety Cluster projects

This list provides an overview of archived datasets with an open license. Each one of them can be cited with DataCite and various datasets are not only downloaded from the archives but can also be interactively explored via databases.

Additional datasets and databases that provide interactive access to these datasets can be reported here.

BAM reference data: XPS raw data of Al-coated titania nanoparticles (JRCNM62001a and JRCNM62002a)

NanoReg2 - eNanoMapper database

Manually curated transcriptomics data collection for toxicogenomic assessment of engineered nanomaterials

NanoWiki 6

NANoREG - eNanoMapper database

All NanoPUZZLES ISA-TAB-Nano datasets

NanoPUZZLES ISA-TAB-Nano dataset: Data extracted from NanoCare project final scientific report