Intended audience

This document is aimed at everyone working in the EU NanoSafety Cluster.

The JRC representative industrial nanomaterials are a series of nanomaterials used in the European nanosafety community for research [[Totaro2016]]. NanoCommons is developing an ontology to be used as common language by this community. This document links the JRC materials to specific terms in the ontology and provides identifiers for each of them. It is based on an earlier specification by eNanoMapper [[Jeliazkova2015]], available at The sources can be found at


The eNanoMapper ontology is developed by the NanoCommons project to be used as common language for the nanosafety community [[Hastings2015]]. The ontology contains terms for, for example, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, but the encourage the data and knowledge exchange for the JRC representative industrial nanomaterials, we have added them to the ontology specifically.

The below table does not show where in the hierarchy the terms are found This can be looked up by clicking the eNanoMapper IRI link. The links provided for the ontology IRIs point to BioPortal [[Noy2009]], which will show the superclasses, which are more general concepts.

The table below also provides corresponding Compact Identifiers, based on a new US-EU standard [[Wimalaratne2018]]. These identifiers can be used in written materials (deliverables, research papers, etc) to identify the JRC nanomaterial.

One material has now been identified as having been assigned a European Registry of Materials [[VanRijn2022]] identifier. This is listed in the last column.

The mappings

The below table gives the ontology IRIs for each of the JRC representative nanomaterials. Important to note is that these mappings do not NM-xxx synonymes; these are explicitly different in the ontology.

JRC nanomaterial Code Ontology IRI Wikidata Compact Identifier ERM Identifier
JRCNM01000a ENM_9000074 Q27918612 wikidata:Q27918612
JRCNM01001a ENM_9000075 Q47461406 wikidata:Q47461406
JRCNM01002a ENM_9000076 Q47461416 wikidata:Q47461416
JRCNM01003a ENM_9000083 Q47461418 wikidata:Q47461418
JRCNM01004a ENM_9000084 Q47461419 wikidata:Q47461419
JRCNM01005a ENM_9000077 Q47461422 wikidata:Q47461422 erm:ERM00000064
JRCNM01100a ENM_9000078 Q47462004 wikidata:Q47462004
JRCNM01101a ENM_9000086 Q47462008 wikidata:Q47462008 erm:ERM00000065
JRCNM02000a ENM_9000087 Q47462022 wikidata:Q47462022
JRCNM02001a ENM_9000088 Q47468470 wikidata:Q47468470
JRCNM02002a ENM_9000089 Q47468473 wikidata:Q47468473
JRCNM02003a ENM_9000090 Q78642247 wikidata:Q78642247
JRCNM02004a ENM_9000091 Q47468478 wikidata:Q47468478
JRCNM02004b ENM_9000092 Q78642927 wikidata:Q78642927
JRCNM02101a ENM_9000237 Q78643426 wikidata:Q78643426
JRCNM02102a ENM_9000238 Q47461933 wikidata:Q47461933
JRCNM03000a ENM_9000255 Q94632421 wikidata:Q94632421
JRCNM03001a ENM_9000259 Q116909645 wikidata:Q116909645
JRCNM03002a ENM_9000260 Q116909643 wikidata:Q116909643
JRCNM03300a ENM_9000097 Q58631733 wikidata:Q58631733
JRCNM03301a ENM_9000098 Q78598603 wikidata:Q78598603
JRCNM04000a ENM_9000080 Q47462019 wikidata:Q47462019
JRCNM04001a ENM_9000081 Q47462603 wikidata:Q47462603
JRCNM04002a ENM_9000261 Q47462617 wikidata:Q47462617
JRCNM04003a ENM_9000262 Q47462619 wikidata:Q47462619
JRCNM06000a ENM_9000234 Q115929958 wikidata:Q115929958
JRCNM10200a ENM_9000231 Q87125303 wikidata:Q87125303
JRCNM10201a ENM_9000094 Q78603081 wikidata:Q78603081
JRCNM10202a ENM_9000232 Q87124091 wikidata:Q87124091
JRCNM10404 ENM_9000093 Q58630711 wikidata:Q58630711
JRCNM40001a ENM_9000216 Q116032622 wikidata:Q116032622
JRCNM40002a ENM_9000217 Q116032623 wikidata:Q116032623
JRCNM40003a ENM_9000218 Q115764312 wikidata:Q115764312
JRCNM40004a ENM_9000219 Q116032625 wikidata:Q116032625
JRCNM40005a ENM_9000220 Q116032626 wikidata:Q116032626
JRCNM40006a ENM_9000221 Q116032627 wikidata:Q116032627
JRCNM40007a ENM_9000222 Q116032629 wikidata:Q116032629
JRCNM40008a ENM_9000223 Q116032630 wikidata:Q116032630
JRCNM40009a ENM_9000224 Q116032631 wikidata:Q116032631
JRCNM40010a ENM_9000225 Q116032633 wikidata:Q116032633
JRCNM40011a ENM_9000258 Q113720986 wikidata:Q113720986
JRCNM46000a ENM_9000263 Q116032634 wikidata:Q116032634
JRCNM48001a ENM_9000264 Q115930118 wikidata:Q115930118
JRCNM50001a ENM_9000256 Q94632692 wikidata:Q94632692
JRCNM62001a ENM_9000095 Q75188647 wikidata:Q75188647
JRCNM62002a ENM_9000096 Q75188523 wikidata:Q75188523
JRCNM62101a ENM_9000079 Q75188316 wikidata:Q75188316

Use of JRC identifiers in literature

Because the JRC identifiers themselves are already very easily recognized in text, they can be found with text search approaches. The resulting links between JRC identifiers and the articles they are found in have been added to Wikidata, and here visualized with Scholia [[Nielsen2017]] (full info here):

Number of publications per year

Latest 10 publications

Latest liteature newsfeeds for the JRC materials

Newsfeeds are technologies to "register" for a particular feed, providing news about a topic in a newsreader [[MurrayRust2004]]. Feedly is an example, which grew massively after Google Reader ceased to exist. RDF Site Summary (RSS) feeds were a common technology, later complemented by Atom. Scholia makes RSS feeds available with literature specific about the JRC materials, which is summarized in the above section. Each of the below RSS links can be opened in your favorite news aggregator.

JRC nanomaterial RSS feed
JRCNM01000alatest literature
JRCNM01001alatest literature
JRCNM01002alatest literature
JRCNM01003alatest literature
JRCNM01004alatest literature
JRCNM01005alatest literature
JRCNM01100alatest literature
JRCNM01101alatest literature
JRCNM02000alatest literature
JRCNM02001alatest literature
JRCNM02002alatest literature
JRCNM02003alatest literature
JRCNM02004alatest literature
JRCNM02004blatest literature
JRCNM02101alatest literature
JRCNM02102alatest literature
JRCNM03000alatest literature
JRCNM03001alatest literature
JRCNM03002alatest literature
JRCNM03300alatest literature
JRCNM03301alatest literature
JRCNM04000alatest literature
JRCNM04001alatest literature
JRCNM10200alatest literature
JRCNM10201alatest literature
JRCNM10202alatest literature
JRCNM10404latest literature
JRCNM40003alatest literature
JRCNM40011alatest literature
JRCNM50001alatest literature
JRCNM62001alatest literature
JRCNM62002alatest literature
JRCNM62101alatest literature

Of course, you can also just follow the RSS feed for recent literature about any JRC representative industrial nanomaterials.